You may currently be faced with a situation like this:

You just took over a new position in your organization: How do you perform quickly and authentically in this new role? How do you build key relationships and get your team aligned? And how do you develop your leadership skills in line with the demands of your changed responsibilities?

Or, your department is in the middle of major change, and your challenges are: Where do you need to focus to ensure early wins and sustainable success? How do you involve your team, and how will you deal with inevitable resistance? And what is important for you personally in this process?

Or, you want or need to change jobs, but you are not quite sure about your options and the direction you want to take. You want to clarify: What are key strengths I can build on and want to develop? What does it take to make the next step? And where do I start?

My approach:

Starting with an assessment of your current situation and a clear definition of your goals, you gain clarity about your priorities, available resources and potential challenges. Together, we develop solutions fitting best for you. All along the way, I support you with my competence as a coach, my experience out of many years of Personnel Development and an unbiased perspective.

Having worked in leadership positions in many different settings and several organizations, I know how organizations work and what it takes to be successful in this environment. Your benefit: clear feedback and expert advice.