Managing change successfully

When organizations start change projects, be it large or small, there is often a lot of focus on targets and objectives and much less strategic thinking around the change process itself. However, the chosen approach is key to success. For you as a leader or project manager being in charge of a change project, it is crucial to understand the dynamics of change, taking into account the complexity of these processes and especially their soft side, emotions and concerns of the people involved.

As coach, facilitator and consultant, I work with you and your team, from the planning phase all the way through to the evaluation of outcomes.

My approach:

Together, we clarify objectives, define a road map, look at critical success factors, risks involved and stakeholder interests. The idea is to develop a comprehensive approach whilst charting a plan flexible enough to address changing circumstances and obstacles on the way. The process is tailored to your agenda and organization.

I support you in designing and facilitating workshops so that you can focus on desired results and the needs of your team. I work solution-focussed, pragmatic, creative and most important: always looking for what needs to be done and what are the best next steps to take.